Secure Wisely


Security Assessment Services

Manage risk in your organization by identifying vulnerabilities through Spentera’s assessments and audits. Ensure that technologies and policies are securely designed by sitting down and talking to our consultants. Rest assured with the support of the best minds in the industry.

Live Response Services

Handling a cyber security breach can be a nightmare, especially if your company does not have an in-house IT security team. Spentera offers our expertise in managing incidents encompassing legal requirements of litigation, expert witnesses, response, and private investigations as a one stop shop solution.

Digital Forensics

Spentera digital forensics team perform the analysis based on various objectives, such as, discovery of perpetrator location, their identification and damaged instances which may involve different technologies like servers, laptops, portable media, mobile phones and backup devices.



ICISES is a two-month training program for beginners and amateurs to help you gain skills you need to become professionals in the field of information security. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics that include compliance standards, forensics and penetration testing. Our content is updated regularly in accordance with requirements of this dynamic industry.